Technology Tipping The Scales Of Justice?

In these days where social media and technology are ever growing on a daily basis there are still certain situations in which said technology is still not really welcomed with open arms, despite it being all around us. One of those places is in courtroom proceedings. Now we all know that courtrooms require you to not bring in cameras and recording technology, but these days it's tough to even find a cell phone that does not have a camera built into it. Yes, there have been rumors of an 8900 Curve coming without one as well, and the BlackBerry Bold that launched in Japan doesn't have one either, but that's straying from the story a little.

The New York Times has an article from a few days ago where it documents some cases where jurors and other legal proceeding participants were caught using their mobile devices to do such things as posting to Twitter, researching information relevant to the cases in which they were on the jury. Jurors are not supposed to seek out information beyond what is provided to them in the court proceedings so things like using Twitter and researching information are strictly prohibited. So now we have three court cases pending at this point, including a $12 million dollar case at risk of a mistrial, all because people cannot break free of their tech habits. What do ya think, will this be an ongoing issue as technology evolves or are these rare cases? Sound off.