During their press conference at CES 2019, TCL unveiled a full lineup of headphones that will start arriving in February through to the summer. The lineup includes wired headphones right down to Bluetooth over-the-ear cans, which have been broken down to four distinct lines: SOCL, MTRO, ACTV, and ELIT.

  • SOCL is designed for consumers who want to have a fun, different and unique style. These headphones take the inspiration of happy moments into its design - sunrises, sunsets, trips to the beach with friends, adventurous nights out - to represent a positive and youthful spirit. Featuring unique transparent housing with a gradient color treatment, they also boast powerful speaker drivers that deliver clear and rich sound details in a compact form. The comfort-fit noise isolating earbud provides instant and long wearing usability so you can listen to music all day and night, in both wired and wireless options.
  • MTRO is designed for urban consumers who want to be themselves without standing out. A fluid Utilitarian design allows optimal comfort for a headphone that's more universal in appeal. The audio is captivating through a powerful bass driver with extended low sound frequency and the comfort-fit noise isolating design ensures the bass performance is further enhanced. This line features both in-ear and headband styles in wired and wireless options.
  • ACTV is designed for sport-users who want to be healthy. Research shows that music motivates better sports performance so ACTV features a great, secure-fit wearing system. The hook design ensures it stays in place so athletes can focus on their movement, not the headphones. Specially designed drivers and earpieces reproduce the deepest bass to give users the power to push further. They are IPX4 rated, made of sweatproof materials and built to last for extensive use. Both wired and wireless options are available.
  • ELIT is designed for those who always want to upgrade and feel luxury in any form. They are the most premium product in TCL's headphone portfolio and features certified Hi-Res speakers that reproduce high precision details of the music. The Traveler Edition offers active noise cancellation technology that reduces ambient noises without compromising the sound quality. Together with long battery play time, a fast charging feature and compact foldable design, you can access music wherever you want for as long as you want.

Now I'm not saying your next BlackBerry Mobile device will come with any certain pair in the box, but I mean, it sure would be nice and certainly would make some sense. As for pricing, it all remains to be seen as TCL made no pricing mentions in their full announcement, which can be read here.