I recently got the chance to check out Tazzle IT, and I can simply say I'm in love. This great little device allows you to easily view, print and send files wirelessly to any PC without the need for cables or additonal accessories. The Tazzle IT can be carried around anywhere as it is smaller than most USB flash drives. You simply plug the device into a PC, fire up the application and you're off. You can view files on a PC that are stored on your device, print documents without having the files on a PC, and even transfer items from your device to a PC. This adds a ton of mobility to your BlackBerry device. You can store important documents, email attachements and more and have quick and easy access to them over multiple PCs. The documents will be safe and secure on your device, as nothing will be permanently saved on the PC. By far my favorite feature of the Tazzle IT is the ability to print directly from my device. Countless times I've had to move documents or files to a PC, and then open and print them. Now I can send the document to the printer with a few clicks and that's that. The Tazzle IT is available for $79.95 from TazzeIT.com and the setup is a breeze. If you are on the go or simply use multiple systems to get things done, the Tazzle IT may be just what you need.

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