Cell phones and radiation have been a topic of much conversation since their inception, as well as the butt of more than a few jokes. We have posted several times in the past year about different apps, case studies, and even accessories for your BlackBerry aimed at reducing the risk of health issues caused by radiation from our beloved devices. First, there came RadGuard, an app that claims to monitor the radiation levels emitted by your device, and issues a warning alarm at a particular threshold. We covered Pong Research back at CES 2010, when they came out with their new line of cases that claim radiation-shielding properties.

Enter Tawkon, the latest competitor in the battle against radiation. Tawkon is an app that operates on one basic premise - monitor the radiation emitted by your BB. However, Tawkon takes this one step further in its implementation, not only notifying you of rising radiation and a predefined threshold, but also offering helpful suggestions as to how to reduce the level, without interrupting your normal usage. It attempts to be as non-intrusive as possible, while maintaining the highest possible level of safety.

More than just a simple monitoring app, Tawkon is fully-featured with some impressive tools at your disposal:

  • Predictive Mode allows you to preview your potential exposure prior to making a call, based on current conditions, such as your location on their "radiation zones" map. This is displayed to the user with easy to understand colour-coded signs, ie: green for minimal exposure to radiation.
  • Call Mode monitors your current conditions while in a call, providing intelligent solutions and feedback, such as engaging speaker-phone, or moving back to a previously "safer" location.
  • Statistics - The app also features a full set of statistical data tools, showing you how much radiation you have avoided by using the apps suggestions, accumulation of radiation, and radiation during the last call.

Now live in App World and available in the CrackBerry App Store, it is currently available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 only, with more devices planned for support in the coming weeks (it's a complicated process customizing the application to work accurately with each different device - different radios, etc.). The price point may be a little steep for some at $9.99, but if you're really concerned about the effects of the radiation emitted by your "companion", it's likely worth the investment. It's definitely a well thought out and executed application.

  • More info / download Tawkon for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 >>

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