Tata DOCOMO has announced a new plan for both its pre- and postpaid BlackBerry customers. The new plan, dubbed BlackBerry Unlimited, allows customers to experience their BlackBerry smartphones to the fullest without limitations, i.e. unlimited Internet browsing, unlimited e-mail, unlimited social networking and unlimited access to BlackBerry App World. And that is not all - with the new plan, Tata DOCOMO will also provide customers in select areas an additional quota of 300MB data allowance for free!

Should that not sound convincing yet, the BlackBerry Unlimited plan will cost you a mere Rs 399 (less than 9 USD) per month. Although Tata DOCOMO's selection of BlackBerry smartphones leaves a lot to be desired, the new plan is a solid, but also an affordable deal. Or at least, I believe it to be an affordable one. Say, how much do you currently pay for the luxury of having a BlackBerry smartphone every month? Please leave a comment, I am eager to see the numbers!

Source: bbin.in