We've been wondering exactly what RIM has had TAT doing for the past little while and during the DevCon Americas keynote they took the oppurtunity to give us a quick demo.Cascades -- is a UI framework designed by TAT and has now been implemented into the BlackBerry Native SDK. So what can you do with it and what are its features?

  • Great performance, including amazing transitions and animations
  • Flexible UI layouts including free form lists.
  • 3D support
  • Support for mixing pre-packaged UI components with custom components
  • Core UI feature support

Some of the BlackBerry PlayBook apps such as Scrapbook are using Cascades already and come Fall 2011-- developers will have access to the pre-packaged components which allow access to Flexible List layouts, 2D/3D transformations, mixing of 2D UI and 3D objects. Long story short, developers apps are going to look beautiful when they get their hands on the tools TAT has been using for years.

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