Task Manager

* Note from Kevin - Hey All, Adam/Bla1ze and I are swamped right now at DevCon, so obi blogged this baby up. I haven't personally run it on the device. Judging by the comments it seems like it may not be quite ready for primetime to everyone's satisfication just yet. And in case you don't know, as with all empower apps you need to have their empower central installed so keep that in mind. Give it a go if you want to try it or leave it for now... it's all good. Keep Crack'n *

Task Manager by Empower is a great free app that brings that familiar task manager feel from your PC to your BlackBerry smartphone. Its free version gives you 3 tabs; Applications, System Info, and Performance. The Applications tab allows you to view your applications file size and install date. The Systems Info tab gives you a very useful detailed description of your devices total and free flash memory as well as RAM. It also lists your devices OS, PIN, IMEI, signal strength and your battery's level, temperature, and voltage. The Performance tab gives you a graphical breakdown of your batteries performance over time. If your graph should suddenly have a steep downwards trend, then you know you haven't closed down a program and have just left it running in the background draining your battery. With the premium version, for $1.99 you will have access to the Processes tabs which shows you all of your running background processes including their ProcessID. This is a very useful app and a must have for any BlackBerry user.

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