StudentBerry Launched

Are you a student with 100 assignments, exams and projects on the go at the same time? Enter StudentBerry...

StudentBerry is an application designed to help students manage their ever growing list of tasks and to-do's.

Key Features in StudentBerry:

  • A complete daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of assignments due organized by class and due date.
  • Easy to follow color coding lets you know what you need to be working on first.
  • Intuitive large project management: you’ll never fall behind on that final essay again!
  • Course Information including your class times and teacher’s office hours and contact information.
  • Track important dates, like exams, guest speakers, projects, etc.
  • Intuitive layout and hotkeys ensure productivity.

This app was announced in October, but only now it has been released publicly. You can pick up a copy for $24.99. Not a bad price point at all for any student that needs help organizing their work :) I'd pay it!

An OTA download is available here:

Or if you'd rather download to your computer first... click here!

Note: There appears to be no notice on the site on which BlackBerry devices the application supports. We're assuming it works on all of the latest models of BB. Let me know if the app does not work on your device!

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