We all like a free game right? The Tapping Dead comes without a price tag and with it being available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones it's well worth a download. The game is of the 16 bit platform style and whilst it may not be the most exciting game in BlackBerry World it is pretty fun and rather challenging. 

With 150 levels, the idea of the game is to get your character from the start point to the doorway within each level. Doing this is all done by one touch controls which makes life a bit easier. Simply tap the display to begin and then tap again to halt your character. You'll need to stop him plenty of times as there are evil bad guys running about the platforms too and bumping into one of them is going to take away a life and send you back to the start - as I demonstrate perfectly on the video - unintentionally! 

As you progress through the levels and things start to get more tricky, you'll find that trial and error will come into play in terms of judging where and when the baddies are going to appear from. 

If this one looks like your kind of game it's well worth having on your BlackBerry - especially for those times when you are commuting or waiting for a meeting etc. 

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