If you're looking for a forums app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone aside from the CB10 app, then it may interest you to know that Tapatalk 2 is now available in BlackBerry World. Arriving as an Android port, Tapatalk offers up access to over 35,000 of the most popular forums out there including all of the Mobile Nations websites.

If you want to check out Android Central, iMore, WPCentral or even webOS Nation, Tapatalk 2 will help get you to those destinations with ease as they are all Tapatalk enabled. The app is available now for only $2.99 and having tested it out on all the Mobile Nations sites, I'm fine with stating that it's made a great transition to BlackBerry 10.

Logging in to forums, posting and even accessing and sending messages all works quite fantastically. Hopefully, we'll see it transition to a native app eventually but in the meantime, you can hit the link below to grab the download.

Download Tapatalk 2 for BlackBerry 10