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If you're looking to kill a couple of hours with an interesting touch game then look no further than Tap Madness by Matt Fisher. For a chronic ADD person such as myself this game is able to hold my attention and manage to be frustrating (in a good way) at the same time. Before you know it you'll find yourself hooked just like me. 

Tap Madness is an easy to play arcade game for the PlayBook. The premise is simple: all you have to do is tap the dots or balls on the screen as they appear to destroy them. Each level comes with its own target number to detonate. Miss a ball or tap on the death ball and you lose. Levels become increasingly difficult especially when multiple targets start filling the playing field all at once.  

The graphics and soundtrack are decent and it's a really fun and time consuming game. One of the reasons why I find it hard to put down is that I'm trying to beat everyone else out there. Let me explain. When connected via WiFi users' high scores can be submitted and viewed on the public stats page. So part of the desire is trying to knock out the top spot for myself which unfortunately I have not been able to do. Personally I find it to be a great stress reliever. Nothing like destroying flying objects when you've had a rough day at work.

As far as actually playing the game I'm stuck on level 12. What I like is that you can start a new game from the beginning or select from any level already completed. I did notice a slight hesitation when everything starts to explode at once but by then I've already lost. Plus there's no pause button. Other than that it's a really enjoyable game that will be sure to get your fingers tapping all day long. It's definitely worth checking out.

Tap Madness is available for free from BlackBerry App World. So let the games begin folks. Do you think you have what it takes to win the top spot? 

More information / download Tap Madness from BlackBerry App World 

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