Leigh let me know he's been hard at work on his latest creation, Tank Recon 3D. This is one of the first games to take advantage of the OpenGL ES support on the Storm2, and features amazing 3D graphics. The game puts you in the drivers seat of a tank through various missions, shooting down planes, AT guns, tanks and more.

You're the Commander of a lone recon tank charged with a mission that will help end the 12 year war with the Hepion. We have developed a new advanced tank, code named Alpha. It seems that the wretched Hepion has also managed to develop their own tank, code named Beta. The race is on to see who can field their tanks first.

In a bold move and in an effort to curve the development of the Hepion tank Beta, our commanders have decided to send out our pearl. Like a raging storm, our Alpha is being rushed into a dangerous tour of duty to save our world.

There are multiple different levels, story mode and instant-action mode, ability to set your own music as the soundtrack, leaderboard and more. Tank Recon 3D really does look great on the Storm2, so if you're a fan of this type of game at all I definitely recommend picking it up. It sells for $7.99 in the CrackBerry App Store (a bit higher than most games, but given the work that went into it totally worth it). 

More information and download of Tank Recon 3D for the Storm2

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