On the off chance you want another instant messaging client to add to your list - Tango Messenger is now available in BlackBerry World for all touch BlackBerry 10 devices at the time of release. The cross platform messaging app is an Android port and honestly speaking, after testing it isn't great - especially when compared to the likes of BBM and Whatsapp. 

That said, if you have friends that insist on using Tango on other platforms you'll at least now be able to join in with them. I can't say I'd recommend this one, so this post is more of a heads up really. Maybe if Tango mean business and they were to create a native BlackBerry 10 version things would be different, but as it stands at the moment it won't be staying on my BlackBerry. 

I don't want to sound too negative so the good news is that at least BlackBerry 10 users now have the option to use the service if they so desire. It's free to download so if you give it a go and find the experience better than I did feel free to sound off in the comments. 

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