"Ryan, it's your mother. You were supposed to call this weekend. Did you forget your own mother? Oh where did I go wrong....?"

Hmm, it seems as though I'm in a bit of hot water, it's a good thing that she's on the other side of the country. I kid, I kid. I have to admit that there's been a few times where I've forgotten to make an important call. While I feel terrible about the missed call, I also feel terrible for not utilizing my loyal BlackBerry to help remind me in the first place.

While I could use the native Calendar or Task applications, I decided to try out the newest release from SimpleLeap Software LLC. The application is TalkLater, its mission is to set reminders for calls and help eliminate a few steps in the process. While it shows promise, I really wanted to determine if the low cost was still worth the install. Let's see how it sizes up.

About SimpleLeap Software

The name SimpleLeap may sound familiar to some of you, as I have reviewed their study buddy Cram < link > application and the pallet pleasing Appetite < link > solution. I was quite impressed by both applications and I'm hoping that TalkLater will follow in their footsteps. Being version 1.0, there's always room for growth.

Talk the Talk

The idea behind the application is simple; create quick reminders for future calls and reduce the clicks needed to do so. This reminder will appear as a popup, similar to a Calendar reminder. The application allows you to add the contact name, number, notes and the alert time to this popup. TalkLater gives you three options to enter a reminder with their contact number.

  1. Access your address book, or choose Add Alert from Contact, which is in the Talk Later menu. Highlight the desired contact and press the menu button. Select TalkLater, which appears at the top of the menu. The contact name and number is then automatically entered into the appropriate field. You then will have to set the alert time and add any notes.
  2. Access your call log and highlight the contact number in question. Follow the steps laid out in option 1. No name is generated so you will have to add that.
  3. Open up TalkLater and select Add Alert. Add the desired fields.

TalkLater allows you to create an unlimited number of alerts and choose the alert method, adding or removing tones and/or vibrations to the pop-up.

choose how you want to create reminders

creating reminders is a snap

Walk the Walk

Being the diligent son that I am, I made sure to add many, many, much needed call reminders. TalkLater does eliminate a couple of the steps needed to create a reminder in your Calendar or Task applications. TalkLater continuously nailed reminder after reminder. When creating a reminder, the application automatically detects contacts with multiple contact numbers and asks you which number you want to use. What is the best part of the reminder? In the popup you are given the option to "Call Now", rather than entering the calendar entry to obtain the number or dismissing the popup and hitting speed dial.

hey! Thanks for reminding me!

The only gripe I have is the lack of alert tone selection. I'm only able use the TalkLater Chime or DRM-fee MP3 files found on my media card. The native alert tones cannot be chosen for your alert tone.


TalkLater does a decent job of reminding me to call those who are important. Being able to add quick notes to the popup, as well as dialing directly from the popup, is great. Give me the ability to select from more alert tones, and I will be a happy man. Your alerts can be created to remind you in as little as a minute or three years from now. I should let you know of a known issue regarding the storm;

BlackBerry Storm OS version contains a bug that prevents many third party applications from playing audio including TalkLater's alert tone. The bug has been acknowledged and should be resolved in the upcoming OS release(s).

TalkLater, which has a free trial, is available for $7.99 at the CrackBerry Store. Now if you will excuse me, I have to call my Mommy...I mean Mother!

For more information on TalkLater, click here.

Summary: TalkLate v1.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones


  • seconds to create a reminder
  • add contact info from your address book or call log
  • dial straight from the popup


  • Cannot access all MP3 Files