We spoke to the first AT&T Z10 owner and the first T-Mobile USA Z10 owner, so it's only fitting on VerizonBlackBerry Z10 launch day that we spend a couple minutes with the first official Z10 owner on Big Red.

After Thursday's BBRY earnings call, we headed down to NYC's Verizon store at Bryant Park. When we got there, displays for the Z10 we're being setup and the buzz was building (photo gallery and observations to come). In store there was considerable promotion for the Z10, which was great to see. It was clear everybody on staff in the store was well-versed on the Z10.

As we walked into the store we found Oliver completing his upgrade to the Z10, and he was happy to spend a couple minutes chatting with us. Oliver had the date marked on his calendar for a couple weeks now and was happy to finally have a new big touchscreen BlackBerry phone to upgrade to. Hit the video above. Props to Oliver for being numero uno!