As promised, Bla1ze and I showed up at NYC's 34th and 6th T-Mobile Store this morning to witness the sale of the first T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Z10.

We'll be posting up a full photo gallery and more thoughts on the T-Mobile rollout soon, but first wanted to get up the quick interview we recorded with Keagan Aaron (member 07thking on CrackBerry).

Keagan was the first customer out of the door this morning with a Z10 in hand. And man, was he excited!

In addition to picking up his new phone, Keagan also received a free pair of tickets to the Alicia Keys concert on April 5th for being among the first ten customers to purchase a Z10.

Hit the video above for the quick interview. Congrats on being #1 Keagan!!

(PS. Don't mind the little zooming issue with the video... Bla1ze isn't used to being up that early in the morning and accidentally turned on the camera's auto focus.)