If you dive into BlackBerry World you won't find a shortage of animated emoticons for sharing with your BBM buddies over BlackBerry 10. There is however a new kid in town - Talking Animated Smileys for BBM, WhatsApp, Line and All - and it's by far the best I've come across to date. In fact you aren't even limited to sharing via instant messaging. You can share via the accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub. I just uploaded one to Facebook and it worked perfectly - sweet!

The developers - Ajani InfoTech Private Ltd have utilized the skills of designer Ankush Sharma who works on the team and he clearly has done a fantastic job. The animations and vocals are top notch and I'd be very surprised if this one doesn't shoot to the top off the paid apps list in BlackBerry World. 

As you'll see in the video - you are presented with five categories - 

  • Festivals
  • Angry
  • Chatting
  • Flirt
  • Greetings

Each contains a large selection of smileys for you to share. There are a few slightly obscene ones, but fear not, as any swear words have been bleeped out. Once a smiley is opened it will automatically play. Then you have the option to share which is where the fun begins. Send it over to one of your friends and let them enjoy. 

The app will ask for the following permissions when you first launch it:

  • Contacts: to allow the "do you want to get free updates" dialog that shows at the first app startup to pre-populate the email selection box.
  • Messages: to allow easy "contact support" that is accessible in the About screen.
  • Shared files: to store temporary cache files.
  • Connect to BBM: to connect this app to BBM to share apps you discovered.
  • Device Identifying: to allow anonymized in-app analytics that help us improve this app.
  • Feel free to uncheck any permission you do not want to grant. TALKING ANIMATED SMILEYS will still work then, but some functions might be limited then.

If you're wanting to spice things up on BBM this is the way to do it. For just under a buck this app is a real beauty - trust me. 

More information/Download Talking Animated Smileys for BBM