Talk2Watch Pro updated with support for the Pebble Time Round

For BlackBerry 10 smartphone owners, there is one smartwatch that can be used reasonably well with the OS - the Pebble. Using the app Talk2Watch Pro brings users a lot of functionality, and I've been very happy with my usage with it so far. I haven't yet dived in to buy the latest model - the Pebble Time Round - but if you've been eyeing it up and wondering whether it can be used with Talk2Watch Pro and BlackBerry 10, this latest update brings support for it.

Talk2Watch Pro update changelog

  • Now supports the Pebble Time Round
  • Improved appstore - now shows apps for the watch model you're using
  • Fixed Weather Pin issues
  • Other bug fixes

If you already own Talk2Watch Pro, updating is free. This app is only useful if you have a Pebble smartwatch, be it the original, Time or Round (including Steel versions). If you were interested in purchasing it, following a purchase of a Pebble smartwatch, you can get it for $4.99.

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