If you're a Pebble smartwatch owner, you'll probably be using the Talk2Watch app with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to make use of it. While a couple of other third party apps came before it, Talk2Watch was the one with the most features available. Today, a long awaited updated has come to the pro version and it brings a really nice bunch of new features.

One of the biggest additions is the Pebble appstore. At the moment, in order to update your Pebble watch firmware or install watch apps and faces, you would need to install the Pebble app Android port. No need anymore. You have access to the official appstore. The developer went out to Pebble HQ to attend one of the developer events and was given access to it. He also works close with the Pebble team, so the app is recognized by Pebble.

The other feature that people have been waiting is caller ID. Due to API limitations, this could not be implemented before but with BlackBerry OS 10.3, BlackBerry made APIs available for the phone app and caller ID is now available with Talk2Watch Pro.

Full Talk2Watch Pro v30.0.1.6 changelog


  • App store integration
  • Install watchfaces and firmware updates
  • Execute javascript watchfaces/-apps (not all will work but many of them)
  • App bank, app locker
  • Sports mode is working again


  • caller id
  • send sms/emails from the watch



  • Account filter
  • Notification time is the same as on the BlackBerry


  • Account filter working again
  • 'Mark as read' function


  • Feed


  • Group messages cannot be read anymore with 10.3.1

There is also support for Javascript and you can install files by going to Scripts Page -> Open Scripts Repository -> Share to T2W. The developer has also included a User Manual within the app, so if you need to find out how things work, give it a little read.

I have been using the updated version for a while and I love that you can now manage your apps and watch faces directly within Talk2Watch Pro. One thing to note about BBM messages is that you can longer see the content of BBM group messages. This seems to have been closed off by BlackBerry in OS 10.3.1. But you can still assign a group name so you can see which group is chatting.

Another thing to note with this update is that it is only available to those who are running OS 10.3 and above. This is due to the caller ID API, which is 10.3 and above only. If you're running a lower OS, you just won't see the update but can continue to use Talk2Watch Pro in its current form.

Talk2Watch Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $4.99. In my opinion, it is worth all the features and a must for Pebble smartwatch owners on BlackBerry 10. Of course, if you've already purchased the app, updates are free. If you have any questions or feedback for the developer you can reach him on Twitter -- @ben-sliwa

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