Talk2Watch Pro adds BBM Contact Manager to latest update

It's only been a couple of days since we saw Talk2Watch Pro arrive in BlackBerry World - the third party app that lets BlackBerry 10 users enjoy the use of their Pebble watch. The Pro version brought about BBM alerts, albeit a little bare. However, I did say that this is a developer dedicated to improving this app every way he can and he has done just that. The Pro version has just been updated with a BBM Contact Manager. It can read into BBM Group messages and you can assign names to BBM messages.

There is some work to be done on your part but once it is set up then you're good to go. As I said, it can now read the content of BBM Groups. You still can not see the content of individual BBM messages but you can assign a name to those BBM notifications using the content ID. If you turn on BBM alerts in Talk2Watch Pro, when you receive a message it will have a Contact ID, enter this in the Contacts section of BBM Settings in Talk2Watch Pro. Just tap and hold the BBM icon to see this. Future messages from this BBM contact will then be labelled. When it comes to BBM Groups, you will receive both a Group ID and a Contact ID, enter both of those in the same section. Do this for every contact. You can choose whether or not to receive alerts from Known/Unknown Groups or Contacts. So, if you just wanted to be able to see notifications from certain BBM Groups and BBM contacts, you can untick Unknown Groups and/or Contacts once you have set up and ID for those for which you want notifications for.

Seems a bit of work but once you're set up, you're away and can see who has messaged you. I am loving my Pebble even more and thankful for a developer dedicated to bringing a great experience to BlackBerry 10 owning Pebble users. There is also an option in the Notifications section of Settings where you can tick Only notify when phone is locked, I recommend turning this one so you don't get messages if you're using the device. Very useful option right there. This update isn't headless yet but I know the developer is working hard on this. Just a little more patience.

If you missed our post and walkthrough of Talk2Watch Pro you can check that out to see all the new improvements.

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