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The folks over at i-Mentalist dropped us a line letting us know that the free and premium versions of their application Talk to You Later, have been updated to v2.0. More importantly, they decided to offer all of the features of the premium version on their ad-supported free version so that everyone can take advantage of what this application has to offer.

For those of you unfamiliar with Talk To You Later it is a useful application that helps during those times you are occupied or just need some time away and do not wish to answer an incoming call. With a few simple clicks, you can set it to reply to a caller via PIN or SMS, prevent unwanted calls with their junk numbers list, and autorespond using your own predefined messages.

Features added to the FREE version in 2.0

  • Add any number of messages to select from
  • Autoresponder with timer
  • Notification icon when Autoresponder is ON
  • Autoresponder SMS or PIN reply message
  • Autoresponder connected to social networks
  • Junk numbers
  • History of actions and responses
  • Export history to CSV

In addition to what is shown above both the free and premium versions now include the ability to connect with their SkyParrot cloud service to backup/restore your settings and data. Even if you swap devices or upgrade your OS your information will always be available.

Talk to You Later is a handy application when you do not wish to be disturbed whether you are in a meeting, out with the family, or when seeing a show. In my case, my desk at work sits right beside my supervisors so answering my phone is not always an option. With this application, I can courteously ignore my friends and family yet still respond (cell numbers, not landlines), and effectively block the ones I do not wish to answer especially when in the car or on the road.

You can grab the premium version from BlackBerry App World for $.99. If you don't mind seeing an extra popup screen when using each feature then be sure to check out the FREE version as well using the link below.

More information and to purchase Talk to You Later
More information and to download Talk to You Later FREE

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