Mobile Gaming

We're between weeks in our busy and all-encompassing Talk Mobile 2013 schedule, but we still have something fun to share today.

We kicked off Talk Mobile with "Mobile Gaming" as our subject of focus, covering all of the hot topics: mobile gaming vs. consoles, the dark side of mobile gaming, multiplayer mobile gaming, and we finished talking off about how mobile gaming could get better and what the future of mobile gaming looks like.

We also surveyed the community with a bunch of questions related to mobile gaming and got some pretty awesome results - including the fact 30% of you are playing games on your phone at work, 38% at school, 62% in bed and 73% while taking care of business on the toilet (seriously.. what the?!). Click on the image below for a full look at the infographic, and be sure to share it! I also love infographics... I always walk away learning something new. Enjoy!

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See Full Size Image of Talk Mobile - Gaming infographic