Will you be ready?

Think about the (next / last) time your (child / pet / friend) does something that's so (cute / amazing / hilarious) that it deserves to be (sent to grandma / uploaded to YouTube / submitted to FailBlog). Too bad you don't have a camera. Wait, this BlackBerry takes pictures, right? Does it do video, too? Where's the... is in Media.... Uh... Blast. You've missed it.

Stick a pin in that thought. How easy is it to find your pictures or video on your BlackBerry? All you have to do is get to the media screen and then click / tap pictures or video. If you're a media-lovin' fool like me, you know how to start playing a video pretty quickly. Instead of choosing a video to watch or a picture to look at, take a look at the top of the screen.

Hidden in plain sight at the top of both the pictures and video apps are links to start the respective cameras. I, for one, have an oddly difficult time finding the icons for the cameras; and my convenience key has long since been dedicated to other functions. So I found a better and faster way to get to my cameras.

I just open the media folder and click or tap which ever app was most like what I wanted to do (e.g., pictures app to take a picture, etc.). I know exactly how to find and use those media features. By clicking one more button, you can quickly add some new memories to your BlackBerry.

Media -> Pictures -> Camera, done! Media -> Video -> Video Camera, done!

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