Every version of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, with the exception of the BlackBerry Q5, had a charger bundle released alongside it. The charger bundle comes with an extra battery and a case in which you can charge the battery. It could be used as a portable charger or you could just swap out the battery. What is great about these charger bundles is that you can charge both the bundle and your device at the same time. Much like legacy BlackBerry charger bundles. With the BlackBerry Z30 not having a removable battery, its matching charging bundle does the same. It's just a portable power charger.

I purchased both the BlackBerry Z10 charger bundle and the BlackBerry Q10 one (although I have since passed this on) when I used those devices but when I got a BlackBerry Z30, with its excellent battery life, I didn't really need it. However, I recently got hold of one and thought I'd do a quick write up on it. It's nothing special but for anyone interested in getting one, here are my thoughts.

It's a 2100mAh charger. Much like the Q10 bundle. While that is lower than the 2880mAh you have on your BlackBerry Z30, you're only going to use it to top up, so it will suffice. Plus, the BlackBerry Z30 in itself has great battery life, so you may not even have to use it often. 

Just like with the Z10 and Q10 charger bundles you have the pull out cable to charge up your device, it just doesn't have a removable battery. Is it worth it? I always like to have something around to help top up my battery when I'm out and about, especially for long days, it gives me peace of mind. If you're the same, I'd recommend getting one. However, if you already own a Q10 charger bundle, that will essentially do the same thing, so I'd stick with that if you do have one.


  • Power capacity: 2100mAh
  • Intigrated cable: MicroUSB
  • MicroUSB output for spare device or charger
  • Power level indicator light
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Easily portable and storable
  • Input: 5.0V - 2.0A
  • Output: 5.0V - 1.0A *Battery type: Lithium Ion

It's a nice small size and slips into a pocket easily and it's not heavy to it won't take up too much room wherever you carry it. On my recent trip to London it came in very handy and I used it often to top up my Q10. My Z30 is currently out of commission). And it charges up your device quick fast too.

The LED indicator is also very useful. If it's green then you've got 100% charge. If it's lighting up yellow then you have between 25%-75% juice left and anything below that, it will have a red indicator.

The Good

  • Great for a quick battery top up, whichever device you're carrying
  • Small and lightweight
  • Can charge the bundle and device at the same time

The Bad

  • A little awkward to use device whilst charger bundle is plugged in
The bottomline

Even though this charger bundle was released in conjunction with the BlackBerry Z30, you can use it with any BlackBerry 10 device. However, if you're a Z10 or Q10 user and prefer to be able to swap out your battery rather than just juice it up, then I would get the matching device charger bundle. I know for many Z30 users, the battery lasts the whole day and for those people, you probably won't need this accessory but if you feel that you want that backup, for those unforeseen situations, I highly recommend purchasing this charger bundle.

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