Many of us look to our BlackBerry to capture, edit, and share photos. There is another options we can use to organize them well and that is Geolocation information or Geotagging. If you have ever browsed through your albums and asked yourself where an image was taken then you will enjoy Taken.

Taken is quite simple in how it operates, as it utilizes the GPS tags already embedded in the photos. Although, to ensure the information is there the Geotag pictures options must be turned on in settings in the camera application or it cannot pull the details. Once that is complete, Taken does the rest. By creating albums or adding individual photos, they are not only organized but displayed on the map to show exactly where they were taken. Whether you select one image, multiple photos, or even an entire albums, all of them are laid out in BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps. Once added, you may zoom in and out, move easily from one photo to the next, or tap for additional information such as GPS location, share the image, view the original and obtain driving directions.

Taken app screenshots

Taken is also fully integrated with the BlackBerry 10 framework. This means you can share or open an image on the map from anywhere (i.e. Pictures, File Manager, Camera). Not only is taken useful but easy navigate as well. There are simple controls to add picutres, add a new album, open an album, sort, show on map, delete an album, or create a folder. All are available from the bottom bar and side menu. From settings users may select their default map provide, BlackBerry Maps or Goole Maps, depending on which one is available in their country.

This GPS Photo and Location Data app is actually quite handy if not practical, especially when creating a visual record of your vacation. As someone who enjoys taking pictures and documenting the who, what, when, and where, Taken fills that void quite nicely.

Normally priced at $1.99, Taken is on sale through October 7 for only $.99. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handsets including the BlackBerry Passport.

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