Navigating the world and keeping people entertained is hard enough in a moving vehicle, but add a tablet or a cell phone and it becomes a daunting task. As I drive down the road, I'm constantly using my phone or tablet for directions and music, all while thinking that there needs to be a better way to hold my BlackBerry PlayBook to make driving safer. When I had the chance to take a look at the iGRIP car mount for the PlayBook, I jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading to see if the iGRIP car mount for the BlackBerry PlayBook can hold its own.

PLEASE NOTE: While throughout this review I will be talking about using the BlackBerry PlayBook in conjunction with the iGRIP windshield mount while driving, the driver should not be using the tablet. It is not safe to control an electronic device while driving, and is also illegal in many countries, so don’t do it.

Something I keep reiterating in a lot of my articles about the PlayBook is the size, and how well it is set to be an ultra portable device, and I’m going to do it again. If you compare the PlayBook and the iPad in size, the Apple iPad looks massive. While the size of the iPad may be okay for putting around the house, it isn’t the best for in the car or on the go. If you were to place the iPad on a car mount and put it on your dash a large portion of your viewing space would be obstructed by the tablet. If you take the PlayBook and it’s 7” screen, place it on a windshield mount and stick it in your car/truck/boat/plane, you have an instant infotainment system. It’s not like we haven’t seen the PlayBook being used in a car in the past.


I guess you honestly can’t go too wrong with the design of an in car mount for a tablet, but there are a few things on the iGRIP mount for the PlayBook that actually make it stand out. First off the dual arm mount that supports the PlayBook to the suction cup allows the tablet to hold its own and not wobble. What I mean is, on lesser quality mounts you often see the tablet or phone wobbling while you try to operate the device, but with the iGRIP mount you don’t see any of this. The second part of the design I wanted to point out in the review is the extension arm. Often, you will see mounts designed with a fixed length arm, which limits the locations that you can attach the mount. With this particular product, you are actually able to extend the length of the arm to almost double its reach, allowing you to place the PlayBook in locations that other wise seemed impossible.


Along with the extending arm and the dual arm support system, the iGRIP windshield mount for the BlackBerry PlayBook has a few other features. In the box, you will receive the mount of course, but also a dual function case/stand/and mount support. This part of the mount holds the PlayBook and allows it to be attached to the suction support, but also doubles as a case and a stand.

Also in the box you will receive a small circular disk in which you can adhere it to your vehicles dash to offer more locations for mounting your PlayBook.

The Good

  • No wobble dual arm design
  • Strong industrial suction mount
  • Multipurpose case and stand
  • Non-obstructing design

The Bad

  • No charging feature
  • Extendable arm could be a little longer
The Bottom Line

Whether you’re going on a long haul or a short trip to the store, having your BlackBerry PlayBook mounted in your car can save you your sanity and entertain others. The iGRIP windshield mount for the BlackBerry PlayBook provides easy access to your tablet and all the controls, like volume +/- and power on and off. While I do wish that there was an integrated power connector to keep the tablet changed on the long trips, it isnt hard to connect a micro usb car charger yourself. Also the other features and stability of the dual arm mount more than makes up for the missing power connected. The iGRIP windshield mount is certainly worth its price. In a few months, I’m on my way to travel half way across Canada, and I know it’ll be there to keep my PlayBook mounted for the ride. You can pick up the iGRIP windshield mount for the BlackBerry PlayBook from for $32.95.


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