Now a days it is nearly impossible to find free time for many of us, with a full time job or two, school, and all the rest of the curve balls life throws our way adding in time to sit down and study can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily Paul Bredbury was looking out for us and brought a Flashcards application to BlackBerry that will help us take studying on the go.

BrebsFlash Flashcards allows you to download decks from FlashcardExchange and StudyStack, edit slides while on the go, have the option to include or exclude images and so much more. If you are in school and looking to get some extra study time in, or if you just like to keep expanding your knowledge base be sure to check this out in AppWorld today. The application will set you back $5.99 but there is also a trial so you can check it all out before you buy it.

More information / download of BrebsFlash Flashcards

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