Lovely Fairy Tale

For those wanting to travel to a land far far away or just looking to rekindle the fairy tale stories of their youth then wait until you see the latest by BB-Freaks. This bright and colorful theme is called Lovely Fairy Tale and you will be amazed by the level of customization and attention to detail in this design.

Intricately designed from top to bottom this theme features their signature icon set in purple, rainbows as new message notification icons, mushroom houses as focus icons, custom icons in the notification bar, and a gorgeous color scheme that is exceptionally clear on my device.

Lovely Fairy Tale

While Lovely Fairy Tale is wallpaper friendly, the graphics that grace the screen remain if you switch. While some may prefer their entire backgrounds to show, I like how it adds a little extra flourish to my photos and makes each of them stand out. Lovely Fairy Tale features rainbow and purple color combinations and graphics in the menus and dialog boxes. When you combine that with the customized fonts, battery, and signal meters and a redesigned top banner, you have one cute and adorable theme that runs smoothly with no lag or battery drain issues.

Why not follow the rainbow and click on the link below to get your own copy of this theme in BlackBerry App World for $1.99. BB-Freaks have created and designed another refreshing theme that not only retains the functionality of OS 7 but completely changes your display's appearance and doesn't make the icons in your folders disppear.

This is no ordinary theme and no matter which device you own, if you are a theme junkie then will enjoy it. Lovely Fairy Tale is available for BlackBerry 9300/30/50/60/70/80, 9650, 9700/80/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 6.0 and higher.

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