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Moodagent for BlackBerry

I have a hard time deciding what music to listen to on my BlackBerry. I usually cop out and press shuffle or just play a specific song and that's about it. While perusing through BlackBerry App World the other day I stumbled across an app called Moodagent by Syntonetic. Previously available for iOSAndroid, and Nokia, it's a cloud based music player that creates randomized playlists from your music library and suggests music from the web based on your mood. At any given moment my mood and musical tastes change so I thought I'd give it a try. It's a pretty cool twist on creating playlists with added features not available on other platforms.

Moodagent scans your library and syncs to their database to assign a profile based on their musical characteristics. All you need to do is adjust the position of any or all of the five color coded sliding bars (Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry and Tempo) to generate a playlist depending on the mood level selected. Even the slightest movement or accidental tap refreshes the list so be sure to click save if there's one you like.

The only downside is that not all songs are profiled. DRM protected music cannot be scanned and its possible that obscure tunes will not show up as well. In my case it was because I have custom ringtones under 30 seconds. However, I'm sure as more songs are loaded the more accurate it will become. They recommend downloading their desktop Moodagent Profiler to help fill in the blanks.

Honestly I think this is a neat application. Rather than take the time to create my own playlists this is as easy as clicking a button. While my music library is small what popped up wasn't far off the mark. Playlists are even generated by choosing a "seed" tune which populates the list with similar songs based on that particular profile.

Moodagent comes with a nice looking interface and is a decent music player. While some may think this is just a gimmick it isn't bad at creating just the right mix of songs. I also love the seamless integration of 7digital's music library for recommendations even if they are just clips. It's a really interesting idea and a great way for me to control content and discover new artists. Plus it's currently free in App World.


  • Automatically profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub-genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features
  • Music recommendations: Users can activate a playlist with a mix of their own library and then use any track within that playlist to generate online recommendations* that match the specific mood values of the playing track. As a BlackBerry only feature, recommendations are braided into the playlist for a continuous flow of great music
  • Greater mood control: Disable specific mood-sliders to exclude in the playlist
  • Intuitive UI: seamless interaction through touchscreen, trackpad and key control
  • Instantly buy recommended music
  • Try before you buy: Pre-listen to recommendations
  • Save and replay favorite playlists
  • Remove songs from playlist
  • Share your mood and taste in music on Facebook and Twitter
  • Headset Controls: All native remote control commands work with Moodagent, including pausing the song while picking up a phone call
  • Playlist length can be 10, 25, or 50 songs 
Moodagent is free in BlackBerry App World for a limited time only. After that it will be split into a free ad-supported version and a full version for $5. It is currently available for all devices running OS 5.0 and higher.

More information / download from BlackBerry App World 

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