Not to sound like a broken record, but my BlackBerry serves as my primary camera. No matter where I am or what may be going on around me, it is always there to grab the planned or impromptu shot to document the events in my life. While there is no shortage of photography applications available, I am a strong believer in always having options. Designed by the same team behind Effetica, Camera++ is an advanced camera application to meet the needs of professional and amateur photographers. However, while Effetica focused on editing the images, Camera++ characterizes itself by centering on how an image is taken and all that it entails within the scope of the OS and the available APIs.

What this means for users is more control over configuring your images. Users may choose from an array of different modes with which to adjust. There is the option to toggle the flash on off, the ability to switch scenes, adjust the white balance either automatically or manually, choose an ISO mode (though this is dependent upon hardware and what each device supports), select an EV offset, set a timer, switch from normal to burst mode, and even change the resolution. Again all very important tools when trying to capture the perfect shot.


  • Flash modes: Auto, On, Off
  • Focus modes: Auto, Continuous Auto, Macro, Continuous Macro, Manual
  • Scene modes: Auto, Whiteboard, Barcode, Action, Beach/Snow, Night
  • White balance modes: Auto, Manual (list of values depends on hardware)
  • ISO modes: Auto, Manual (list of values depends on hardware, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 support ISO up to 3200)
  • EV Offsets: list of values depends on hardware, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 support EV Offsets from -3 to +3
  • Stabilization modes: On, Off
  • Timer: Off, 3 sec, 6 sec, 9 sec, 12 sec, 15 sec
  • Image count: up to 20 images
  • Image delay: up to 30 sec
  • Resolution: list of values depends on hardware
  • Capture modes: Normal, Burst

All images are stored in the camera folder on your device by default, though this may be changed in settings. Also, users may modify the shutter sound. However, keep in mind the laws and regulations of your country when turning this particular item off. Now for those of you who follow the "Rules of Thirds" as a guideline for setting up your shot, there is an option to show the grid on the display.

When you are searching for an application that is both convenient for on-the-go daily use and practical in terms of handling, Camera++ is certainly one that stands out from the rest.

Normally priced at $1.99 for BlackBerry 10, the developer is running a promo that will give 200 lucky CrackBerry readers the application for FREE.

While the code expires on September 30th, we all know they are gone in a heartbeat so follow the directions below to claim your copy.

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  • Enter promo code: CAMERAPLUSPLUSINTRO
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

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