Lauren Conrad BlackBerry Sightings

If you're a Technology lover AND a fan of MTV's show The Hills, you will have undoubtedly noticed the almost never ending appearance of BlackBerrys, iMacs and other tech gadgetry that makes its way onto the TV screen.

Our friend Angelica, editor of GeekSugar, constantly receives emails from readers telling her what kind of phones the girls on The Hills are using. With Season 3 of The Hills launching last night, the GeekSugar crew decided to have some fun and go on the look out for BlackBerry and other tech sightings in the season premiere. With the iPhone now on the market, the big question that begged to be answered was whether or not Lauren Conrad, who is rarely seen without a BlackBerry in her hand, would potentially be sporting an iPhone this year.

The answers are in, so take a minute and give their "The Hills" Tech Challenge Quiz a try. I don't watch the show, but managed to pass the quiz, scoring 4/6 correct.  Want a hint? BlackBerry still kicks butt!

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