Nobody likes to think about car insurance. Aside from the inevitable headaches that arise from dishing out an exorbitant amount of money each month to a company whose positive ads can't make up for the inconvenience of finding the right policy, wading through all of the red tape that accompanies most policies can be a unique nightmare all to itself.

So why not take control of the one thing you have full authority over when it comes to car insurance by picking the perfect provider and plan based on your unique needs and budget?

The Zebra allows you to do just that, by letting you quickly compare every available auto insurance plan so you can lock in the best rates and deals in minutes.

Unlike most sites that claim to help you shop for insurance coverage, The Zebra adheres to a strict no-spam policy in order to ensure that your personal information is never sold to third parties, and their unbiased algorithms allow you to compare rates and plans from hundreds of insurance providers all in one place.

Hailed by the likes of Forbes, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, The Zebra helps shoppers save an average of over $360 a year with no additional overhead or fees—all within a streamlined platform that's easy to use and free of obnoxious ads.

You'll also have access to a massive trove of resources that will help you navigate various policies, choose the perfect plan for your family, and reduce needless costs that you don't need to be paying every month.

And once you ditch your costly old car insurance plan and land a policy that actually meets your needs and budget, you'll be able to scan hundreds of additional deals on home and renter's insurance as well.

Take the hassle and headaches out of shopping for a great car insurance policy with The Zebra. Your car and your wallet will thank you.