There are many list-taking apps to be found in BlackBerry World, most offer very similar features and in the end whichever app you choose is down to your preference. One developer wanted to create a list-taking app and in order to stand out he decided to add a few unique features not found elsewhere.

SmartList10 boasts three unique features. Two of them are ways in which to create lists and the third is a unique feature of ticking off items on a list. When you create a list you have an option to to choose how to when to create the list using a dropdown menu - SmartDetection, SmartCopy, Single Entries.

  • SmartDetection - When making lists, you don't need to add each item one at a time, just add them in one go separating them on each line or by using a comma, semi-colon, colon or full stop. Make to sure you tick the boxes that allow you to do so.

  • SmartCopy - This one is a great feature. Very handy for when you need to copy and paste a list of things, e.g. a recipe. Just select this option from the list. The app clears whatever is in the clipboard. Then you just have to go ahead and copy your list, be it from the browser, email or wherever it might be. Go back to SmartList10 and just hit Save. Your list will be created, just tap the list name to see the items in list, just in case there are things you need to tweak.

  • Single Entries - This is the plain old way of adding items one by one. It's nice that this option exists as maybe there will be times when the good old fashioned way is just what you need.

SmartList10 adding list items

SmartList10 allows you to create categories so you can separate the lists for better management.

SmartList10 categories

The third unique feature is SmartFrame. This feature makes the Active Frame of the app interactive. Yes, that's right! You can tick off items on your list while the app is minimised. You scroll through the list by tilting your device, then tick items off by tapping and holding the up volume key. It will tick the highlighted item. You can also choose to scroll through the list using the volume keys. Note this will turn off the use of the volume keys for media if SmartList10 is minimised as an Active Frame. There is also the option to change the size of the list items on the SmartFrame so you can see more (or less), depending on how you want it.

SmartList10 Interactive Active Frame

It's a very slick list-taking app and I really love that you can tick off items while the app is minimised. By I really like that you can copy from elsewhere and just paste the items as a list. That's a really neat and fast way to create a list. My only gripe with SmartList10 is that scrolling through the list when minimised is a bit finicky but you can set the sensitivity in the app Settings.

The Good

  • Copy things anywhere else on the device and create a list from it
  • Interactive Active Frame to tick off items

The Bad

  • Scrolling through items when minimised can be hit and miss
The bottom line

It's definitely a worthwhile list-taking app to have. It's unique and the developer is responsive to any feedback and suggestions. SmartDetection, SmartCopy and SmartFrame are very, very awesome features that are worth the price tag. Being able to tick off items from an Active Frame is definitely something I haven't come across before, really making this app stand out from competition.

SmartList10 is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and has an introductory price of $0.99. The regular price will be $1.99.

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