Take control of your BBM for Android notifications with bbRingtones

If you have recently moved to a Priv or are using BBM on any other Android device, then there's no doubt that you've noticed the notification control BlackBerry's messaging app isn't exactly as robust as it is on BlackBerry 10. Sure, you can still customize the LED and ringtone for all BBM messages in general but setting notifications for specific individuals is simply not possible without some third-party app involvement, and that's where bbRingtones comes in.

bbRingtones comes to us from the well-known developers at Toysoft and allows you to take further control of your BBM for Android notifications by setting a custom ringtone and LED notification for individual BBM contacts and BBM groups. As part of purchasing the app, Toysoft includes 70 different ringtones to choose from, or you can simply set your own custom ringtone as well. For LED notifications, the usual options are in place meaning you can choose from blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white, yellow or create your own custom color combinations like a rainbow or disco if you prefer. Additionally, the LED options can be configured to repeat from one to a thousand times, ensuring you always see the notification.

Take control of your BBM for Android notifications with bbRingtones

One other feature bbRingtones brings to the table is the ability to assign VIP contacts or groups. When using the VIP option, it doesn't matter if your phone is set to vibrate or silent, any VIP notifications that come in will always be played again, ensuring that you never miss that important message. Just try and remember that it's enabled should you be in a place where you genuinely need to have your phone on silent, might be a bit embarrassing otherwise.

Overall, bbRingtones is relatively easy to set up when following the in-app instructions and plugs a hole in the current BBM for Android functionality, something I'm sure we can all appreciate. The other interesting thing here is that it does come from Toysoft, which has now become one of the big BlackBerry 10 developers to jump into the Android world. If you're looking to give bbRingtones a go on your Priv or other Android smartphone, it can be snagged from the Google Play Store for only $0.99.

Buy bbRingtones for $0.99 from the Google Play Store

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