Fancy having some word game fun with your friends? Tahboo for BlackBerry smartphones should have you giggling and enjoying yourselves with a group of buddies. The idea of the game is for your team to guess the key word you are trying to describe - however you are presented with five other taboo words similar to the key word that you can not use. In addition you are up against the clock so the pressure is on.

Tahboo is free to download from BlackBerry App World and you will be given 150 words in this free addition. You do have the option to purchase additional words then giving you an arsenal of 1100 in total.

Within the settings of the game you can change a few things - such as the number of teams, the penalty for skipping a word, penalty for accidently saying a taboo word, the length of each round, the number of rounds per game and whether you want the sound on or off. Speaking of sound - there are some nice sound effects in the game. You get a nice 'ping' when your team guesses the key word and you move on to the next word, a 'gong' sound when the time is up and a 'buzzer' sound for skipping a key word if it is just too hard. At the end of each game you get a page of results which show you which words were guessed and which were missed/skipped etc. 

Overall the game is pretty good and should keep you and your friends entertained for some time. Maybe a good one for in the pub?

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