WorkLife by BlackBerry

Learn how BlackBerry WorkLife Solutions can help your organization manage BYOD reimbursements


Now that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become more common thanks to comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, employers are now having to deal with how they go about reimbursing employees for the work-related services they are using. A new webinar being hosted by BlackBerry takes a closer look at how BlackBerry's new WorkLife Solutions can help in those instances.

WorkLife by BlackBerry brings together business and personal lines on one device


BlackBerry introduces WorkLife for enterprise users

BlackBerry Balance has been key for many users in the corporate world, allowing to have two distinct areas on one device — one personal and one business. Balance does a great job at keeping these two areas separate, but it's still not the perfect solution. Today BlackBerry introduced WorkLife — a new way for enterprise customers to use their devices.