Tabula Rasa - How to wipe the data from your BlackBerry device, removing all personal information


There will come a day when you and your BlackBerry part ways. Though that stalwart piece of technology has served honorably, there are always something new upon the horizon. On that sad, sad day, there will be many heartfelt speeches about all the good times together. Tears well up as you check your email one... last... time...

Who am I fooling? You're going to be too excited about your new BlackBerry to really care about the old one! Once you've completed the Device Switch, your old phone is next to forgotten. Take a moment, though, to consider what will happen to that BlackBerry. Will it need to be returned to the warranty or insurance center? Will you donate your phone to a worthy charity? Passed down to a friend or family member? Thrown in the garbage? (not recommended)

Before you do, make sure to remove your personal data from the device. If you don't wipe the data from your BlackBerry, you're basically saying, "Here's all my information. I want to get my identity stolen by the random person who gets this phone!" Don't give away your life story; prepare your BlackBerry for its next life by removing all of your data, leaving your old BlackBerry a tabula rasa for its next owner.