Where to go

Business, Pleasure or Both - Should RIM further segment its product offerings or continue with an all-in-one approach?



Recently we have seen tons of changes from RIM, their first tablet was released, executives have left, new phones have launched, and with all of it we are left wondering in which direction is RIM really going these days? The primary focus for RIM, the heart of their business, has always been Enterprise users, folks using their device for work purposes, to keep organized and crank out emails while on the go. Recently we have begun to see somewhat of a shift of focus from RIM, but not a full shift to consumer mode, instead sort of stuck in the middle in an odd place that no one really understands.

Recently Wall Street Journal published a piece about whether BlackBerry devices were intended for work or play, and it got me thinking even more on the topic. Do business users need a professional grade tablet so that they can play Need for Speed, or do consumers need an OS that is best optimized for BES users?