Waterloo 2012

CrackBerry Podcast 090: Sunglasses, Free T-Shirts, Cigarettes, Hair and BlackBerry 10


Listen up! OK, now that I have your attention... it's time to listen in to the CrackBerry Podcast!! It's been a while since we've recorded a show, so we decided to fire things up early this morning for some good 'ole family fun. That was the plan anyways... and then Bla1ze joined the show with sunglasses on and cigarette in mouth, so things went a little downhill from there. Kevin's hair gets in the way a bit too, but we do talk alot about BlackBerry, specifically BlackBerry 10, and to salvage things we decide to run an impromptu podcast contest where you can win a free BlackBerry By Choice t-shirt (your choice of PG or Hardcore)! 

Here’s what we really think about Vic Alboini of Jaguar Financial and his crusade for change at RIM and the BlackBerry business


Vic Alboini of Jaguar capital (left) and CrackBerry Kevin
Vic Alboini (left) and CrackBerry Kevin at the Research In Motion AGM

Note: This piece is being posted under my name (Kevin), but is a joint piece written by myself and Chris Umiastowski. To keep things simple, and since Chris and I agree on pretty much every major aspect of this piece, the wording "we" is used throughout instead of "I".

Warning: This post is obviously longer than our usual post here at CrackBerry, but for good reason. We didn't want to skimp on details. 

RIM stopped the Q&A session at their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the right time; there were NOT 20 people in line


AGM Crowd...

Between heading to Waterloo to attend RIM's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and visit BlackBerry HQ, it's been a busy week for me. I'm still playing catch up on a lot writing and reading. But last night / this morning in bed I was catching up stories from the week on my PlayBook. Seeing a lot of wrongly-reported stories out there, I felt the need to write this one ASAP to clarify things.

Apparently RIM has received a lot of flak by the media from people saying they cut off the Question & Answer period at the AGM too early. I even saw people saying that when Barbara Stymiest ended the Q&A session there were still 10 people lined up on both sides of the auditorium waiting to ask questions (this was said by a certain individual who left the AGM early to give an interview to BNN who wasn't actually in the room to see it... I know this as the AGM went long and when it finished I had to sprint from the auditorium to where BNN was setup to do my interview and when I got there this guy was finishing up).

Sitting in the audience and looking back, there were maybe *two* people lined up at the microphones on either side. There were a few others standing by the walls, but they were not in line. They were standing there throughout the AGM. AND... the people who were "cut off" at the microphone were people who had ALREADY ASKED QUESTIONS. They went to the back of the line, waited, and came back to ask more questions. ANYBODY who truly wanted to ask a question in that audience absolutely had plenty of opportunity to do so.

12 Questions with BlackBerry's new Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben


Including why he took on the role, marketing BlackBerry 10 and more!

Frank Boulben is the charming fellow on the left; CrackBerry Kevin is the one on the right in need of a haircut

Research In Motion's new Chief Marketing Officer has only been on the job for four weeks, but he has hit the ground running. As we learned from RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins, Frank Boulben has already presented his marketing plan for BlackBerry 10 to management and the board and everybody is excited for it. 

RIM has been without a CMO for a long time now, and even when the position was filled BlackBerry's marketing has been one of those areas that the CrackBerry community has been highly critical of over the years. A new CMO with energy and smart ideas is something BlackBerry has been desperately in need of. Sitting down with Frank, it's clear that he gets it. I walked away from this interview feeling much more confident that RIM will really be able to not only bring a compelling product to market in BlackBerry 10, but also market it in such a way that people will want it. 

I probably should have stopped at 10 questions in honor of BlackBerry 10, but my list of questions was long and I managed to work in 12 before Heins dropped by to join the discussion (if you missed that editorial, read it here). Big thanks to Frank for sitting down with CrackBerry for this!

BlackBerry. Best. Keyboards. Period.

Confirmed: BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen and physical keyboard models will be announced and marketed together


At BlackBerry HQ in Waterloo yesterday, I sat down with Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins, and the company's newly appointed CMO, Frank Boulben.

We covered a lot of topics, including the ramifications of BlackBerry 10 launching in the first quarter of 2013 vs. the previous target of Q4 2012.

Get Ready... CrackBerry is home from BlackBerry HQ and we have LOTS to talk about!


Stay Tuned... Lots to come!

I have sooo many articles to get written for CrackBerry right now I don't even know where to begin.

From the Editor's Desk: Hello from Waterloo, the birth place of BlackBerry!


Hello CrackBerry Nation! This one is coming at you from my hotel room at the Waterloo Inn in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada... the birth place and hometown of BlackBerry!

I decided last week I'd make the trek again this year for Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, so here I am. Check out the video above for a quick welcome (the future of BlackBerry 10 is so bright... I gotta wear shades!).