Vodafone and O2 to share cell sites - Better coverage for BlackBerry users on the way

Vodafone O2

Last year we saw the integration here in the UK of the Orange and T-Mobile networks coming under the one parent company of Everything Everywhere. This of course was great news for not only us BlackBerry users, but all phone users as both 2G and 3G switches seamlessly between whichever mast has the strongest signal.

Today Vodafone and O2 have announced a similar plan where they too will share cell sites. The companies will very much remain separate but the mast sharing will give the two networks a broader and more efficient network coverage.

So how does this effect us BlackBerry users you may well ask? The answer is quite simple.

When considering buying a new BlackBerry many of us are restricted to certain networks due to cell coverage. The plain and simple fact now is that the predicament is going to be massively reduced in the future allowing consumers to pretty much choose whichever network offers the best deal.

Sounds absolutely perfect if you ask me and fantastic news for us BlackBerry users. You can see the full press release from O2 and Vodafone below.

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