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Amazing video sharing app Snipper for BlackBerry reviewed


"This app is very easy to use, quick and simple. Get it!" - GavisGod1 App World review


Have you heard of Snipper before? The company states that it’s personal mobile video broadcasting. It’s a cross platform solution that pushes videos to and from your BlackBerry smartphone; which makes for lag free viewing awesomeness. At Mobile World Congress, Snipper was featured at the BlackBerry Showcase Theatre and is putting a twist on how you can reach out to the world with your videos. Youtube has its public videos, unlisted videos and private videos (except for other youtube users). What Snipper does is essentially create channels that can be directed at different groups of contacts. Think of Google + and its circles- you decide which individuals can enjoy which videos. You can still have private and public channels- it’s much easier than entering in specific contacts each time you upload a private video. Dear old Aunt Ethel may not want to see what actually happened in Vegas. Or maybe she does. Regardless, that’s just a part of what Snipper can allow you to do, so have a read for more information...

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