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Need an easy BlackBerry PlayBook mount for the bus? Try Velcro!


BlackBerry PlayBook Velcro

Review: iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook


"The iGrip Headrest kit is a must have for anyone who wants to use their device to watch movies while traveling. It's easy to install right out of the box."

In Short:
"Affordable and easy to use"

Should I Buy?
"Definitely recommend getting if using your PlayBook to watch movies in the car"
iGrip Headrest kit for the BB PlayBook

With the iGrip Headrest Kit for the PlayBook, backseat passengers can enjoy watching movies and listening to music in comfort. The PlayBook is securely attached to the headrest of the vehicle with the included case. The easy-to-use knobs for vertical and horizontal adjustment make sure the optimal viewing angle is always possible.

Clingo universal car phone mount for BlackBerry Everything, works with your phone - Leave a comment to win one!


One lucky reader will win this Clingo universal mount! Read on for details. 

The Clingo universal car phone mount is one of those products that does what it says "on the tin." I admit, when I saw the Clingo products in the CrackBerry Store, I was skeptical. My personal Torch 9800 is a fairly heavy device. There was no way that sticky green goop was going to hold my phone. Oh, how wrong I was.

In some ways, this Clingo mount is like many others. The suction cup strongly, and I mean strongly, holds the mount to a windshield. Included is a puck that can be mounted to the dash if you prefer that mounting option. There is an arm that can be maneuvered and locked into several positions. It is there that the similarities end.

Attached at the end of the arm is what I call the "sticky pad." Once your smartphone is attached to this pad, it's not going anywhere. The stickiness was even strong enough to hold my BlackBerry PlayBook, considerably heavier than any smartphone. The car phone mount is not intended for that amount of weight, so I don't recommend you try it. The pad attaches to the arm via a ball joint, giving the mount a huge degree of freedom when positioning your phone "just right."

Review: Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder for BlackBerry smartphones


Want to win an Arkon Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder? Keep reading for contest details!

The cup holder in my old vehicle was the battleground between my BlackBerry smartphone and whatever drink I wanted to consume. The battles were fierce and the victor was rarely the same twice. The problem was almost solved with the new vehicle, as my device can now choose between 4 cup holders. Now I say almost solved because of on little teeny tiny fact: legality. Like most places, it’s illegal to use/hold an “electronic device” while driving here. I was already a Bluetooth veteran, but I was getting tired of having my BlackBerry smartphone tucked away; especially when I wanted to use the GPS. There’s quite of few car mounts on the market, which one do I choose?

The Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder is one of the options available. This car mount helps keep your BlackBerry smartphone close at hand in 3 different ways – from your windshield, air vent or dash. While it has the word universal in the name, it may not be the perfect fit for every BlackBerry. Read on for more.

Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


Want to win an iGrip Charging Dock for the Torch 9800 from Keep reading for contest details.

iGrip Charging Dock

Been looking for a safer way to handle your BlackBerry while in the car? Most anywhere you live now, there are restrictions on how you can use your cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Infractions can result in fines and/or points on your license. But there are accessories out there to help make your drive easier, as well as keep you legal. The iGrip Charging Dock is a great accessory to display, charge, and safely mount your BlackBerry Torch 9800 while in your vehicle. Whether you are streaming music to a visor mount, or just making phone calls via bluetooth, this stylish accessory will help you handle all your BlackBerry needs while on the go.

Vanessas Corner: Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount for BlackBerry


Vanessa's CornerAfter years of missing calls because I couldn’t find my BlackBerry in my purse while driving, I knew there was something out there to make my life a little easier. I must confess I was at first very skeptical about this miraculous multi-way hanging gizmo.

Could I have finally found a way to have my BlackBerry within reach inside my car? I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Arkon Vehicle Mount does indeed let you choose the best way for you to hang your BlackBerry.