ContactMonkey helps you get in people's address books



As a business person I'm always trying to find easy ways for people to get me into their address books. Over the years many methods have come and gone out of fashion. For some time attaching your vCard to every outgoing email seemed to be the thing to do, but it became annoying to have the same attachment over and over. That eventually brought spam filters to begin filtering out messages with vCards. QR Codes are trying hard to become a mainstream method of getting your info scanned in, but to many people, the QR code looks like nothing more than an ink-blot test psychiatrist's use.

This means that we're left with the manual task of copy and paste. Although this is a time consuming method, it is a process people understand. I'm happy to report that I have found a service that can offer a simple solution that everyone's grandmother will understand and be able to use, and its name is fun to say, "ContactMonkey." Best of all? For individual users, it's free!