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CrackBerry guide to wireless bill slashing apps: Part 2


Part 2: monitoring your usage with apps from developers and carriers

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Welcome to part 2 (finally) of the CrackBerry Guide to wireless bill cutting apps; or “How to afford to keep your BlackBerry and your high usage habits”. I’m glad to see you still have your BlackBerry. For some, you have made some sacrifices in order to keep feeding the addiction. Now that I think about it, I guess the same can be said for most addictions –harmful or not. This is the one addiction I have and am most proud of it; and I have the wireless bill to prove it. If you recall part 1 – we had a look at applications which offer discounted rates on international calls and even cheap (or free) long distance.

You can always go further, like we do in part 2. Some carriers give you access to your current usage, so you know where you stand. There are also some decent apps that offer a different twist on this type of control. In this case, they do most of the monitoring for you; so you can focus on other ways to save money. So while you’re clipping coupons, have a read.