CES 2010: Been Wondering What Happened to Unify4Life? BlackBerry Remote Products Now Zentral Home Command


Remember Unify4Life? We've been talking about them on the CrackBerry blogs for a while now, going back to their initial launch at WES 2008 where they unveiled the "BlackBerry Remote" that allowed you to control your home entertainment system wirelessly from your BlackBerry. They added follow-up products, like the the "BlackBerry Garage Door Opener" to the mix as well but never really seemed to come out of beta phase and hit the market in a big way... that is until now.  Last week at CES we gained understanding of what's going on. Unify4Life is now working with Audiovox and is bringing all of the products to market under their Acoustic Research division under the brand Zentral Home Command. Watch the video above for a first-hand look and you can check out the official press release below.