type and go

Type and Go style actions heading to BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10.1 update


As time passes, we're gradually beginning to learn more and more about the BlackBerry Q10, such as the new Type and Go feature that Vivek Bhardwaj kindly demonstrated for us. As a souped up version of Universal Search, Type and Go brings actions to key words typed onto the Q10. It's a fantastic feature, and sure to excite the heavy communicators among us.

First Look: Type and Go on the BlackBerry Q10 with Vivek Bhardwaj


Something pretty cool was -- albeit briefly -- shown off during this morning's keynote at BlackBerry Jam Europe. Type and Go is the BlackBerry 10 iteration of Universal Search and will be coming to everyone who goes out and grabs a BlackBerry Q10. Type and Go is more than just search though, it takes key words such as Email and BBM and turns them into actions.