The vote is in: QWERTY input still reigns supreme


Nokia QWERTY Survey

The Fat Thumb lets you use your touchscreen with one hand


Full touchscreen typing with "physical" buttons is not just a dream anymore


I sort of wish I could go to sleep for two years and wake up to be able to grab my BlackBerry 12 phone with curved display and physical buttons that emerge out of the glass while typing.

Sort of a crazy week for awesome new technologies that I can't wait to see be put to use in consumer tech. Yesterday we spoke about Corning's new Willow Glass technology which allows for curved displays. The glass is thin, strong and flexible and can literally bend around corners.

Today I caught wind of the news in the CrackBerry Forums pointing out a new technology from a company called Tactus which allows for "physical" buttons to emerge out of a display. It's literally deformable tactile surface.

Keep warm and functional with smarTouch gloves by Isotoner


Contest: Enter to win a pair of smarTouch gloves courtesy of Isotoner! Read on for details.

smarTouch gloves by Isotoner
It's winter in our neck of the woods. Well, not mine, specifically because I live in Arizona. But for much of the world, it's cold and snowy and wet and that means that everyone is bundled up to stay warm. The only problem is… how do you use your BlackBerry or PlayBook if you have gloves on? If you have a BlackBerry with a keyboard you may be able to navigate ok, but if you have a touchscreen, you're pretty much out of luck if you're wearing gloves.

Isotoner has a solution. They have a line of gloves called smarTouch that are designed to work with your smartphone or tablet. They are water repellent, with a non-slip palm and fingers, made with Lycra fiber so the gloves fit snugly and stretch just when you need them to. While all of that is neat, the best feature of these gloves is right at the tip of your fingers, or to be specific, your thumb and index fingers. Here you'll find they have embroidered the tips with a special conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen, allowing you to scroll, select, and type without having to remove your gloves and freeze your fingers off. Keep reading to see our impressions of the smarTouch gloves, and more details about how to get your hands on some.

Touchcuts - Using shortcuts on your touchscreen BlackBerry


The Storm and Torch devices use an on-screen keyboard. Because of this, some of the shortcuts used for others' BlackBerry smartphones may not always apply when using touchscreen devices. Fear not, for those shortcuts are not gone. They've simply been lost in translation.

First Live Images Of The BlackBerry Dakota (or is it an old Magnum Prototype?) Emerge

First Live Images Of The BlackBerry Dakota Emerge?

* Update from Kevin: This is DEFINITELY one of the older pre-dakota prototypes (ie. magnum). Don't expect to be buying this exact device anytime soon (errr.. never). But something nicer and updated is in the works! *