T-Mobile's latest Uncarrier move is all about thanking you


T-Mobile's latest Uncarrier move is all about thanking its customers. After doubling its subscriber base from 33 million to 66 million, the carrier wants to give back to everyone who made it possible.

T-Mobile adds Google Play Music, Spotify, Qello Concerts and more to BingeOn


T-Mobile has announced that it has once again added a number of new BingeOn partners. This marks the fifth expansion of the service in the six months since its release, and it holds some big name additions. While some of these previously allowed music streaming under Music Freedom, they now offer unlimited video streaming as well.

T-Mobile adds new BingeOn partners, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others


T-Mobile adds new BingeOn partners

T-Mobile has announced a number of new partners for its BingeOn program, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others. John Legere took to Twitter with some stats that the company has collected, like that millions of subscribers are now streaming more than twice the amount they were before BingeOn, and that on the T-Mobile network you get 480p Netflix instead of the 360p that others are offering.

T-Mobile offers unlimited data four lines for $150/month, 10GB/line for $120


T-Mobile is offering fourth line free again

T-Mobile has brought back its popular "fourth line free promotion" with Family Match, and this time around the carrier is offering customers the choice between 10GB per line or unlimited data. Previously, the carrier ran a limited-time promotion that scored you four lines with 10GB each for $120, and more recently had only been offering family plans with 6GB of data each. Now, the carrier has brought back the 10GB option, as well as introduced a new unlimited offering for the promotion.

T-Mobile offers Verizon customers a free year of Hulu and 50% off select accessories


T-Mobile offers Verizon customers big incentives to switch

T-Mobile is making it sweeter for Verizon customers who want to make the switch to its network. We've already seen T-Mobile give its customers 3 months of unlimited data, as well as enticing offers for customers on other carriers. Sprint customers got an extra $200 when switching, while AT&T customers got discounts on accessories and savings on the iPhone.

T-Mobile's Un-carrier X move brings free unlimited video streaming, doubles data for Simple Choice


T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move, Un-carrier X, brings the arrival of "Binge On", the company's video version of its Music Freedom initiative.

T-Mobile brings back its four lines with 10GB of data for $120 promotion for a limited time


T-Mobile signage

T-Mobile has announced that for a limited time it is bringing back its fourth line free promotion under the 10GB for all plan. The offer is the same as it was, families with four lines can get the fourth line free of charge, and each line gets 10GB of its own data.

Tom's Guide reviews US carriers, finds T-Mobile to be the best all-around


Tom's Guide reviews US mobile carriers

Our pals at Tom's Guide have spent countless hours researching and testing to see how the US carriers compare to each other. The findings reveal that T-Mobile is the best all-around carrier, with Verizon coming in a close second. When searching for a carrier, many people focus only on the service in their location, but the comparison goes far beyond that.

T-Mobile now gives you rollover data on Simple Choice prepaid plans with Data Stash


T-Mobile previously announced Data Stash for postpaid plans only, but now the un-carrier is bringing the same feature to prepaid customers too.