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Find your BlackBerry Z10 photos are too dark indoors? Try this neat trick to brighten them up


If you've read our BlackBerry Z10 review or even if you own a BlackBerry Z10 then you'll know the camera doesn't take the best low light shots. However, CrackBerry Forums user BelfastDispatcher has a neat trick to share -- he's found that if you drag the camera focus to a dark spot, it readjusts the lighting and gives you a brighter photo. He shared an example and you can really see the difference.

Enabling the Smart Accessory feature in your BlackBerry 7 smartphone

Smart Accessory hero

If having accessories working for you is your kind of thing, then you'll want to check out this how to guide. Within BlackBerry 7, RIM has built a feature called 'Smart Accessory'. The Smart Accessory feature allows various manufactures to build an option in to their accessory that will allow it to talk to your BlackBerry smartphone, thus allowing your phone to change the sound profile when it's placed in a dock for example. The options don't stop at sound profiles, you can also make driving safer and disable the network connection. Disabling the network would stop you from messaging people while you're driving down the highway. Continue reading to learn how to enable the Smart Accessory option on your BlackBerry smartphone.