Enabling the Smart Accessory feature in your BlackBerry 7 smartphone

Smart Accessory hero

If having accessories working for you is your kind of thing, then you'll want to check out this how to guide. Within BlackBerry 7, RIM has built a feature called 'Smart Accessory'. The Smart Accessory feature allows various manufactures to build an option in to their accessory that will allow it to talk to your BlackBerry smartphone, thus allowing your phone to change the sound profile when it's placed in a dock for example. The options don't stop at sound profiles, you can also make driving safer and disable the network connection. Disabling the network would stop you from messaging people while you're driving down the highway. Continue reading to learn how to enable the Smart Accessory option on your BlackBerry smartphone.

How to add contact categories on BlackBerry Messenger


BlackBerry Messenger Contact Categories

If your BlackBerry Messenger Contact list seems to be growing out of control, or you just want to keep things a bit more organized, you can create contact categories to help you out. This is a simple feature that just requires a few menu clicks to get up and running. You can use contact categories to organize your contacts by family members, work contacts, friends or whatever suits your fancy. Keep reading to find out how to create your own contact categories in BlackBerry Messenger.

Ten Tips and Tricks to Extend your BlackBerry Battery Life!


BlackBerry Batteries

Looking to maximize your BlackBerry battery life? We've got TEN simple tricks you can use that will help to ensure you are getting the most out of your much needed battery power. While BlackBerry Smartphones have historically been known for their awesome battery life, we've seen the natural battery life take a hit on some of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones to hit the market. For example, on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 the battery was reduced from the predecessor Bold 9700 from a 1500mAh battery to 1230mAh. With less juice to work with and a bigger display and faster processor to power, if you're a power user you *could* be finding that your old habits put you into the low or dead battery zone before the day is done.

So if you're finding yourself low on power sooner than you'd like to see and are looking to extend the battery life on your BlackBerry Bold 9900, Bold 9930 or other OS 7 device, there are plenty of settings you can tweak and battery-healthy habits you can form to get the job done. From dimming the backlight to tweaking up some network settings, a little bit goes a long way. These tips work for improving battery life on OS 6 and lower devices as well (although menus may be a bit different) so if you're looking to get the most our of your BlackBerry battery, keep reading for our top ten tricks to improve battery life on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Geek Pro: Make the notifications on your BlackBerry work for you


Don't tell anybody, but I'm a bit of a geek. I frequently make technology perform in ways the average person would never consider. Others may ask why?, and my response is usually, "because I can." The true answer is that whatever supposedly "geeky" thing I'm doing also happens to be the most efficient and effective way of doing something; bonus points if I don't have to get off the couch. Though it may not look like it now, what I'm doing will save me time and headaches in the future. It's just a little difficult to say that without sounding like a snotty jerk.

Ringtones work for me; ever since my first wireless phone, I've used ‘em. I liked knowing who was calling just by listening. It's a fact of modern wireless life that some calls get answered faster than others. Now that I have a BlackBerry, the type of communiqués has increased exponentially. It's only natural that my "ringtones" use expanded as well. Using only an extra email account; message notifiers; and BeBuzz, I know what message is waiting for me without looking at the screen. The notification sounds and notifier LED are all I need to figure out whether that email is really important or not.

Warning - This Could Happen to You: Endless Reboot Error

I am always excited to find out how I can improve the functionalities of my 8700 and am constantly on the lookout for new 3rd party software. Last week, I found a couple of new applications I wanted to try. As usual, I downloaded a zip package that included a “.alx” and a “.cod” file. Next step, I launched the Blackberry Desktop Manager and uploaded the application on the device. I remember this last step quite well, it was 10:30am and I was about to waste an entire day.

How To Add Free Ringtones to Your BlackBerry

Check out this detailed instructional video on how easy it is to add free ringtones to your BlackBerry device!  It's so easy! 

Google Voice Local Search


This isn’t exactly BlackBerry specific, but it was so cool I thought it would be interesting to talk about anyway. Google Labs has a new (experimental) service to search for local businesses over the phone. It works from any phone and it’s a free service.

Addicted to Your CrackBerry? You're Not Alone...


BlackBerry Addiction is a Serious Problem!Each and every day here at we hear stories from members and non-members regarding their addiction to BlackBerry devices.

Email Etiquette for BlackBerry


I know a lot of people who own a BlackBerry. And thus I receive a lot of email sent from a BlackBerry. There are some people who can type pretty efficiently on the BlackBerry keyboard, but most of the people I know aren’t among them.

I get emails all the time that are lacking some of the niceties that are usually (or should be) found in emails sent from a PC. I understand why. When you are typing with your thumbs, brevity is a virtue. The problem is that courtesy is often left out. Things like “please” and “thank you” are important in email messages. Necessary because the written word lacks the subtle and polite cues that voice inflection can provide.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical email sent from a BlackBerry.

Mail Brief
Too Direct???

Google Sync for BlackBerry

SyncGoogle has just released Google Sync, an application that let’s you synchronize your BlackBerry calendar with your Google calendar.

Using your BlackBerry’s native calendar, you can now access your Google calendar even when you don’t have network coverage and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration.